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isabelle beernaert naakt dronten 14&15 o






Every Artwork consists of the artwork and the "frame".

In the concept of SQUARED we see the frame as the support and the basis of the work of Art.


In a square all frames have equal sides,

where in the creation of art, every aspect of creation , inspiration, realization and execution are equally important.

Every work of Art has a physical frame and a non-physical frame. In SQUARED we try to highlight, and focus on the non-physical frame of the Artwork.


The elements we do not perceive directly when we experience an artwork.

Audience can experience this event live online

through our SQUARED-stream.



-Interview with a Guest - Artist


-Framed by live fragments of the Artist's Artwork 


-The origin and evolution towards the final results of 

the Artwork will be exposed .

-Audience can participate in Q&A with the Artist live online.

-This second SQUARED online edition will be hosted by Sean Dhondt. Sean and Isabelle go way back since their recordings of So you think you can dance and The ultimate dance battle. 

During the interviews with Isabelle and the other artists, Sean will unravel all of Isabelle's Choreographic secrets. 

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The first event of 'Squared' was made possible with the support of

Department Culture Flanders

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